Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great responsibility sometimes means great (REDS) fun

And then there was one.  The Reds are one win away from making the playoffs.  They play tonight at home, and sadly I have to work.... BUT, you can't focus on the negative, let's focus on the positive: I will be working at the game shooting video!!  We will OWN Reds coverage tonight, I sure hope they win.  There will be a few of us down there, so it is unclear what my duties will be, but I hope I am in the locker room when the champagne flies.  Make sure to tune in tonight for the best Reds coverage you can imagine.

Anyone chilly yet?  I know I had to wear a sweater last night when I took Dawn out for our anniversary dinner.  We will warm up for Wednesday and Thursday, BUT this weekend is looking very chilly.  I feel the sweatervest making its annual introductions in the weather center this weekend.  The studio is normally much cooler then outside because imagine one of your rooms with about a hundred or so of the Easy Bake Oven lamps.... that is the studio... Just a live size Easy Bake Oven.  After five hours with the lights on for the morning news, the studio gets toasty, so in order to counter-balance that, the studio is cool enough to keep foods fresh that are left out.  I don't mind it too much because I have a jacket that always stays there.  BUT, if you want a little inside information, Mr. Booth came back from Hawaii last year, and he still expects everything to be tropical....ask him sometime how much he likes the cool studio.

Anyway, I gotta work on my moped a little bit, head to the barber, and run a few errands before heading into work later.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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