Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Monday, my Friday

Well today will wrap up another week of work.  Usually I try to make the weather more pleasant for my days off, but I decided to make it a little warmer for my "weekend."   Hahaha!  I wish I could have that control.....well, maybe not because then there would be too many requests...snow days for the kids, sunshine and warm temps for others, and rain for the ducks, yea, it would be too hard.

Anyway, I am planning on heading to Cleveland for my days off.  Dawn is heading up there for work and we will be spending Tuesday night at her parents in Strongsville, which is a southern suburb of Cleveland. I am SUUUUPER excited to go to Cleats, a sports bar that has the BEST wings in the world: Six Pepper wings.  It is an amazing mix of, you guessed it, six peppers and is out of this world!!!  It will also be nice to see her parents because with me working the weekends and Dawn off on the weekends, we barely have matching schedules to make the three hour drive up there.

Even though Fall officially starts Wednesday at 11:09 PM, it will not feel like like Fall. It will be rather warm for the coming days with temps in the mid and upper 80's for the rest of the work week.  We do have a SLIGHT chance for a LITTLE rain Wednesday and Friday.  Don't expect the grass to be green because with our current dry pattern, these disturbances will be much of the same, and lack ample moisture.  The good news is the weekend is shaping up to be dry and cooler with highs back into the mid 70's.  I will be back bright and early Thursday morning to anchor the news; so, see ya on the flip side and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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