Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lot of things going on.......

Well I guess the best place to start is at the beginning....

I had Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, and Thursday off of work this week.  Tuesday I had another fantasy football draft with a few friends, went fairly well. I then gathered my surplus of moped parts and posted them for sale.  Later Tuesday evening Dawn and I went up to Sidney to pick up buckeyes for Weldon so he could mow the grass.  We were joined by Dawn's nephew, Jake, who is 6 years old.  I asked him if I looked much different from television, he said that by wearing contacts I look different and that my head looks bigger on TV.  Classic.  He helped us pick up over 4300 buckeyes bringing our final total to 7117.

Wednesday and Thursday I helped out Dawn's cousin clean and paint an apartment.  It was a lot of fun, but man was it a mess when we started...  We finished up fairly early Thursday so she could take the kids to practice, which left me enough time to moped down to the barber shop. 

Friday I anchored in the morning, then shot high school football in the evening at the Carroll and Oakwood games.  Today I went home to visit the family and look at all of their pictures from their vacation in Florida.  Then after returning home, Dawn and I turned on the Ohio State game and we worked on wedding preparations.  VERY happy the Buckeyes pulled out a win today.  Pryor really acted like he knew what he was doing this game for the most part.  I was worried he would make rushed decisions and it would cost us, but he played smart ball.

I currently am here in the weather center and just finished the forecast and I am suuuuper excited for the Browns tomorrow.  I love the Buckeyes, but the Browns are just a little more special to me.... whether it be all the ridicule I got for being a Browns fan through school, or my dad sending to me to school for my second grade pictures in a Browns sweatsuit (mom was not pleased to say the least).... but I love the Browns.  I was offered tickets to the game next weekend, but couldn't get anyone to cover my shift.  Oh well..... Go Brownies! 

Enjoy the next week, the warmest temperature is 81 on Monday.... I am glad to leave the windows open and enjoy the comfortable temperatures as I moped around town.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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