Thursday, January 7, 2016

Summer's 6 month photo, organizing the house, & ice coming

We are bad a getting Summer's monthly photos exactly on the 10th each month... but at least we are doing them, right?
We were blessed, well Summer was blessed, with plenty of books and toys for Christmas.  We never needed anything really to organize it until now, but we stopped at Ikea for a bookshelf to organize her things.  So much better than throwing them in a pile.  
I organized my corner of the basement.  My neighbor is having a baby so they were getting rid of this computer desk.  My computer, TV, and 2 VCRs were on a piece of plywood on the filing cabinet beforehand.  This is what I used to digitize my home videos.  Now I have to work on Dawn's family's tapes. 
When you have good music, it helps making running in cold temperatures bearable. 
Still no measurable snow yet this season...  So our record continues for the latest first measurable amount of snow.  The old record was January 2, 1929.
No snow tomorrow, but could have some freezing rain briefly as rain moves in during the coldest point of the morning. 

Another fairly sunny day today with cool temperatures warming into the low-mid 40s. Clouds increase late today and tonight. Rain arrives late tonight. Overnight low temperatures will be near or just below freezing, so a brief period of freezing rain is possible until warmer air moves in and we transition back to rain. On and off rain for later Friday and Saturday. A strong cold front arrives Sunday and temperatures will plummet through the day leaving us with some snow showers possible with light accumulations possible. Staying cold next week with more light snow possible. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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