Monday, January 18, 2016

Another sick weekend at home, cold morning, & snow returns

Luckily I am feeling, and sounding, better.  But Dawn and Summer were under the weather this weekend.  Just a cold and congested, but we did lots of resting this weekend. We eventually had to get out of the house and went out for dinner.  Summer had really soft pants and that can be a lot of fun on granite table.  Summer enjoyed it!  We have had a hard time getting Summer to eat baby food with a spoon til we heard a tip that said put the spoon on her bottom lip, then let her go for it.  BINGO!  She has been doing a LOT better at eating from a spoon now and it's very exciting.
Buckeye has been snuggling with his duck the last few days.  Adorable.
Yesterday I went to a motorcycle liquidation sale with Marcus. No heat and little light, but lots and lots of random parts.  I picked up a leather tool bag to stash a rain cover that I also picked up.  Not bad for $25! 
Wind chills are VERY cold this morning!
Wind Chill Advisory until 1PM today and it will feel below 0° through the entire morning.
A few clouds, otherwise the sun will try coming out today to try to warm us up. Morning wind chills will be frigid, between -10 and -15. Winds slowly lighten up through the day and night. More sun Tuesday and cold, but snow returns Wednesday. Accumulations should be light and generally around 1". More snow possible on Friday and Friday night. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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