Friday, January 15, 2016

Lots of Summer & Buckeye time. Cold returns soon

Since it's been so snowy, we have been stuck inside for quite a while. Which means lots of time reading books.
Dawn took a picture of Summer and Buckeye to send to a loyal viewer and pet fanatic, Pat.  Pat loves Buckeye and always tweets and asks how Summer is doing with Buckeye so I thought I would send him a special photo.  Hope you enjoyed it Pat!  (Notice Summer has a dog on her shirt and about 500 dogs on her pants)
We hit 47° for the high yesterday so the entire family went out for a walk to try to enjoy it before it gets cold again.
May need to do another walk today.  These are the morning temps at 5AM today!  Big difference from 2 days ago when wind chills were between -10° and -15°.

Mild with a lot of clouds for Friday ahead of rain for the afternoon and evening. Rain showers to start the overnight then switching to some light snow by Saturday. Colder and breezy for the weekend with some light snow showers with little to no accumulation expected. Temperatures become frigid for early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Your dog is cute, but your daughter is GORGEOUS! :)

    And, now, the weather report for Port Canaveral: unusually cold and windy this morning, warmer and sunnier this afternoon. No particulars about actual temps because I am sure I would be proven wrong. ;) All I ask is for calm, clear weather when we sail out in an hour or so. In three weeks we get to return to Ohio weather. Joy!

    BTW, every time My Honey is introduced as being from Ohio, someone in the audience will yell "O-H!" to which he replies appropriately and applause erupts from 6,000 people. It makes for great fun out here on the high seas.


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