Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Summer goes back to the farm & White Christmas chances

Summer and I went back to Darke County on Sunday to see her Great Grandma Jean.  We also went back to see my mom and dad.  Summer was a bit fussy for my mom, but she was content with my dad watching football.  One of the cows came running up and Summer and the cow had a stare-down... Then the cow shot out a quick burst of air out of its nose and scared Summer.  She burst into screams of terror.  She was fine the rest of the time once she saw me reach over the fence to scratch the cows head.
The chance of a White Christmas is not looking as good.  A strong cold front looks to move through Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve.  So rain likely next Wednesday and Thursday according to today's models.  The ground will likely be warm anyway.  So I would give a White Christmas only about a 5% chance.  So I am not ruling it out, but I do not see any significant snow for Central Ohio and two of the forecast models that go out 10 days agree on that. Stay tuned!
For the short term forecast... Cooler, but drier today with cloudy skies. We will still stay about ten degrees above normal. Clouds break up a little overnight and could lead to patchy fog. More sun Wednesday with the warmest temperatures for a long time... Enjoy it!  Some early rain likely Thursday followed by flurries Friday and much cooler temperatures. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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