Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New sump pump & cold coming

Well... On Monday when I was putting away the Christmas decorations I could hear the sump pump running.  Well... The motor was humming, but no water was being pumped. The motor, after 20 years, finally bit the dust.  Luckily I noticed it before the water came into the basement.  So this is what I got into yesterday.
Summer joined me and it only took about 2 hours.  It would have only taken 30 minutes if I didn't have the radon system.  We also went with the battery backup system too... which is some GREAT piece of mind.  I didn't get to clean it up because I had to finish this then head back to Dayton.  So I have this mess to clean up today.
Finally starting to see drier air arrive and no steady rain in our foreseeable future. Today just a couple sprinkles possible and a few flurries tomorrow then dry the rest of the seven day forecast. Clouds will be sticking around through the rest of the workweek, but will give way to some weekend sun. Temperatures will drop to near normal as well after today. Today we will be above normal with highs in the lower 40s then we dip down into the 30s until the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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