Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow with temps above 40 degrees? Could happen Tuesday

So we will stay dry for early Monday, then rain moves in for the afternoon and evening.  By Monday night the first cold front will move through.  It will allow only the temperatures very close to the surface to stay above freezing Monday night.  The same will occur on Tuesday afternoon and evening.  Our temperatures at the surface will be above freezing, but the warm temperatures will be very shallow and only a few hundred feet above the ground they will be below freezing.  So... snow will fall, but it will not have enough time to melt into rain.  There may be pockets of rain, but I love it when you get weird weather like this when it can snow and it is above freezing at the ground.  It makes people scratch their head... but since you read this, you won't be scratching your head.  Instead you can tell your friends that the warm air is too shallow.  ;)

After Tuesday we see colder temperatures and below freezing the rest of the week and into the weekend... except for Thursday.  We will warm up briefly on Thursday then another cold front.  So cold front 1 Monday PM, cold front 2 Tuesday PM, weak disturbance 1 Wednesday, cold front 3 Thursday PM, and finally weak disturbance 2 Friday PM into Saturday... so that is why we have the chance for rain/snow almost every single day for the week ahead.  All of it will be light and more of a nuisance than anything.  Back to the newscast... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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