Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brutally cold week gone, so are moped parts

I looked a little funny when I came to work this week... but hey, when the wind chill is -35°F, you better look a little funny and puffy from all the layers.
I was back at Handy Bikes on Thursday helping load up the remaining moped parts.  There are so many amazing parts that are leaving the Buckeye state, but I am glad they will be going to a good home thanks to 1977 Mopeds buying up the entire warehouse. 
We were much more efficient with the packing this time and we filled that semi VERY full.  This was about thirty minutes before we decided we filled it too full.  One more semi load this upcoming week and it is done and gone.  
I spent Friday installing a Murray swing arm and new chains.  I also decided to go for the blue chain on the pedal side to match the colors.  I need to get new pedals that match better.  The "blue" ones look pretty purple.  Don't let anyone tell you that a swing arm swap is easy.  I dropped the motor then put it back only to see that I had some wires hanging out and I had to drop the motor again.
Regarding the forecast... Temps are still above freezing for now and so are the roads.  As we fall below freezing tonight we will see some icy spots.  Be careful out there in the morning on the bridges and overpasses.  More sunshine for Sunday afternoon.  Monday rain returns for the afternoon and then some light wintry mix on Tuesday and light snow for Wednesday.  All of it appears to be pretty light, but I am sure it will be enough to cause some problems on the roads.  Our temperatures remain pretty seasonal for the week ahead... by that I mean bouncing all over the place between the upper 40's for highs to start the workweek... to low 20's for highs to end of the workweek.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. It does look brutal up there! We'll return to the Buckeye State in March after another ten weeks at sea. I hope you'll have the place warmed up for us by then. ;)

    Greetings from Port Canaveral,


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