Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reds Game

After my last experience trying to head to a Reds game turning into a washout and the game getting postponed.... last night was a whole bucket of fun. I went with Dawn and two very close friends, KZ and Melissa. There was a very light mist by the end of the game, but not enough to get the rain coats out. We had fantastic seats, and guess who was sitting two rows behind of my aunts. She was there with three of her friends and they started yelling at me and I thought they meant someone else, goodtimes. The four of us came home and watched the Bulls lose to the Heat...sad times.

I actually worked before going to the game yesterday and finished putting together my allergy series and also my Where You Live story earlier in the week. Today, I have the day off and I am about ready to head outside to mow the grass then head out for a moped ride. More work tomorrow morning and then moped get-together later in the day and then Dawn's neighbor from Cleveland, Theresa is coming to visit for the I got a fun filled next four days!

The rain may come back from time to time today, but tomorrow should be fantastic!! The warm temperatures will return with highs around 80 starting Saturday and can't rule out the chance for isolated thunderstorms from Sunday and on into next week. Enjoy the next couple of days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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