Thursday, May 5, 2011


The Dayton Area Moped Riders finally got decals. They look amazing on the headlights. We are actually meeting up later today for a ride together. It is gorgeous out. Had I blogged recently I probably would be outside, but I felt a need to jump on here a bit. I ran a lot of errands today, did a Where You Live shoot at Sycamore State Park(because it was SO nice out), got my hair cut, mailed some stuff out, mowed the grass, started laundry, and washed the dishes... Needless to say, I don't rest much on my "off" days. Tomorrow I am taking Buckeye to the groomer and I have a school talk in Springboro.

The beautiful weather doesn't look to stick around too long. More rain is in the forecast for the next week or so. The best chances for rain will be later Friday, later Saturday... we look to dry out a little later on Mother's Day and mostly dry on Monday... before more rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing looks to be super heavy or a washout... just lighter scattered showers and maybe a few storms. Honestly, despite a chance for rain almost all of the next 6 days, we should see about 70% of the time dry, and the 30% of rain will be on the light side...Which is fine with me, my shortcut to work has been flooded the last month and the detour is curvy and takes about twice as long. Anyway, enjoy the great weather and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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