Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pedal Power

I own a few bikes. I have a mountain bike that I left on the farm and my parents and siblings left out in the rain a few times which rusted and left it in horrible shape. I also have a cruiser that is ugly as sin, but a blast to ride casually and got me through college. After doing a couple stories on the local network of bike paths and local bike shops I had caught the biking bug. I am obviously fully infected with the moped disease, but there is something about the quiet, self-propelled commute through nature that bit me recently. After looking through Craigslist the last week or so, I finally found a bike worth jumping on. It is not a well known brand or have anything flashy...just a ten speed in excellent shape with new tires, grips, and detailing...not to mention 63cm, which was important for someone as tall as myself. Another thing that really caught my eye besides the shape, size, and care for the bike was the price... it was less than a tank of gas. I was called back today and picked it up... only thing was...was that the guy had to remove about ten of his other bikes so he could get to this bike... he obviously knew his stuff. I took it out for a short ride before work today, and can't wait to adjust a few things and take it for a ride along the river...maybe I will see you there!

Today turned out beautiful for Mother's Day in Western Ohio...Happy Mother's Day Mom! Tomorrow looks to be much of the same, but a little warmer. Showers and storms will return later Monday night into early Tuesday morning... and with more sunshine, temperatures will continue to climb into the low 80's for Wednesday with humidity riding on it's back for the climb. More showers and storms for Thursday with a few lingering showers on Friday as temperatures fall back into the mid and upper 60's heading into next weekend. Enjoy the sunshine between the rain and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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