Friday, October 25, 2019

Fall colors, Columbus Marathon, Evan's walking, wet Halloween?

Check out these amazing colors!  I have been to the park almost on a daily basis, with the kids, the past couple of weeks to soak in beautiful weather and fall foliage!  Hopefully you have been doing the same.  Lots to get to... let's go!  (I need go get better about doing these more on a daily basis... I will work on that)(
Dawn thought I was crazy... Summer's toy laptop stopped working so I opened it up and found a loose wire connecting to the electronic wiring board.  Got out my soldering rod...
FIXED!  Summer was so excited and it melted my heart when she genuinely said "Thank you Dad, I love you!"
I also went out for lunch last week with some long-time viewers... well... they are more like family friends now.  These four people have been more than generous with our family.  Very supportive of my business and the kids have some amazing gifts from these people.  Evan and Summer still have their blankets that Cathy crocheted for them.  Evan sleeps with it daily.
Thursday the family went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  Lots of fun! Summer loved the rides.  We got our fair share of pumpkin donuts as well. 
We had a wedding Saturday for a good friend of Dawn.  Check out my hot date!  So we went up to Cleveland for that and then drove home that night. Because...
I ran the Columbus Marathon on Sunday.  My goal was only to finish and finish healthy with no injuries. I ran with my great buddy Carl.  We just wanted to keep each other honest and not go out too fast.  It got a little rough at times.  I had side stitches for a few miles and then my foot got "hot" because I didn't have time to break in a new pair of shoes after my other pair ripped.  But we finished and feeling pretty good now.  I do have a hip strain, but I had that before the marathon.  Taking it easy the next couple of weeks until the Fuzzy Fandango 50k.  I will just keep the cobwebs from forming and may do more cross-training with the bike. 
Back to the park for more fun.  Summer and Evan love it.
Evan has been getting more and more strength in his legs and confidence to start walking.
And Summer has been there to hold his hand and help him along the way.
And now we have a walker! He still needs something to pull himself up, so he doesn't understand how to stand up in the middle of a room, but he is LOVING it. 
I went for a 2 mile run yesterday with Summer and I asked if she wanted to join me on the trails for a quick run.  
She said yes and loved it.   We did about a quarter of a mile through the trails.
She loves being outside and I really want to get my kids to love the outdoors and try enjoying the outdoors more than the indoors.  
Speaking of getting outdoors... GO DO IT!  The leaves have changed very quickly this year with our recent cool temps.  They will be falling a lot this weekend with the rain and a stiff breeze.
We made it to Friday! Today will be a little cooler and cloudier than the past few days.  We have a stationary front parked across Southeastern Ohio draped from Texas up to Maine.  An area of low pressure in Texas will ride up that front and bring rain for Ohio, especially for Saturday afternoon, evening, night and early Sunday.  The radar is picking up on a couple of spotty light rain showers in Indiana moving into Ohio.  It is very light and you may see a quick spotty shower or sprinkle today, 20% chance of rain today.  For most of us the day will be cloudy and cool with highs in the lower 60s with very light and calm winds. Staying mostly cloudy for tonight with lows in the upper 40s.

Saturday will start cloudy, cool, and dry.  Rain moves in around lunch time and will be on and off for the afternoon.  So there does appear to be some breaks in the rain.  It does pick up in consistency in the evening and Saturday night with steady rain likely and heavy rain at times.  It appears that Western Ohio and Indiana may see 1-2" of rain and Central Ohio would see up to and around 1" of rain.  Since the main low pressure is still in Texas it still could shift over the next 24 hours as it heads our way and we could be back in the heavier and more steady rain.  By Sunday morning the rain is starting to break up and move out to the east. Mostly cloudy on Sunday afternoon.  Highs in the lower 60s for the weekend and overnight low stays mild, mid 50s, for Sunday morning.  It will be breezy both Saturday and Sunday with winds 10-20 mph and some gusts a little stronger.

Monday and Tuesday are looking like nice days to get outside and take care of the leaves that will be falling over the weekend with the wind and rain.  Partly cloudy both days with highs in the lower 60s on Monday and mid-upper 60s on Tuesday.  There is a very slight chance of rain later Tuesday.

We have a strong cold front moving into the region for the middle-end of next week.  Timing is still not nailed down yet, but it is trending a little later than yesterday's models.  The GFS has the front coming through during the morning on Wednesday, the Euro is staying consistent with it coming through Thursday afternoon, and the CMC has slowed down to midday Friday.  I am still leaning toward the Euro because it has been the most consistent the past week and staying consistent now. This would mean a slight chance of rain on Wednesday, but most rain would be Thursday.  Ahead of the front we will see mild temps, so let's go with 60s on Wednesday.  If the front comes through early Thursday then our temps may only reach the 50s, but if it delays later into the day then we may reach the mid 60s again followed by quickly falling temps.  All models are pointing toward highs in the 40s by Friday.  Stay tuned as we fine-tune the timing in more detail, especially since Thursday is Halloween and the weather will play a big part in the plans for thousands of kids and parents across Central Ohio.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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