Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Boo at the Zoo, Columbus Marathon & Fuzzy Fandango prep

We had a blast over the weekend.  Dawn's mom came down and we did a LOT of activities.  We met some friends Saturday afternoon for Boo at the Zoo.  
The kids didn't like wearing the hats, so we did take a quick photo.
Lots of fun at the park over the weekend as well. Cool temps, but the sun made it so comfortable.
We have been doing a LOT of growing.  Evan is becoming more and more mobile.  He is walking a few steps here and there, but learning more and more each day.  So fun.  
Summer has been riding her bike more and more and yesterday she rode her bike all the way to the park and home.  So excited for her to become more and more independent... but not too fast. 
I have the Columbus Marathon this coming Sunday and I am fully prepped for that.  Hay is in the barn.  I was supposed to do an easy run on Saturday with only 12 miles, but I had some friends hit me up about running at Mohican State Forest.  I am running the Fuzzy Fandango 3 weeks after the marathon, so I figured I better learn the course.  My new year's resolution was to run an ultra marathon, so this would be that.  An ultra marathon is anything farther than 26.2 miles and this 50k will turn out to be around 32 miles.
Such lush trails.  Some tripping hazards, but so fun. 
Waterfall didn't have much water since we have been so dry.  I am pumped for my fall races and then a little break before my next race in January... 
Grab the jacket!  We have temps dipping into the 30s all across Central Ohio with frost for your Tuesday morning.  Sun will melt off the frost fast this morning and we warm into the lower 70s with a light breeze out of the south.  More clouds start moving in this evening. Rain and showers likely tonight, including a few rumbles of thunder.  The majority of our rain will be between midnight tonight and daybreak on Wednesday then the rain will be racing out to the east Wednesday morning.  Temps falling into the mid 40s overnight with a brisk wind switching to the west. Mostly cloudy, damp, chilly, and windy for Wednesday.  A few spotty showers or sprinkles during the afternoon, especially to the north.  High temps in Wednesday will struggle to reach the mid 50s, so the biggest impact for the day will be the chilly temps and brisk wind. Partly cloudy on Thursday with highs in the upper 50s. Mostly sunny on Friday and warming into the lower 60s.  Partly cloudy on Saturday with highs in back in the lower 70s.  Morning temps will start out near 40 on Thursday and Friday then mid 40s by Saturday morning. The forecast models don't agree well for Sunday and Monday.  Some holding off on rain until Monday, but another is sneaking some rain in on Sunday.  They all agree on high temps in the lower 70s, but lets keep a low chance of rain on Sunday for now and a higher chance of rain on Monday.  Stay tuned as we iron out the forecast.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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