Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rain barrels and rain on the way

So... step one for a project is acquiring stuff.  I had been wanting to put in rain barrels for a LONG time, but I finally decided to do it.  Rain water is WAAAAAAAY better for plants than city water.  Less chemicals and extra nitrogen!
So... there they are... done, right?!?!
Had to clear out the space for the barrels and put in a foundation pad.  Easiest and most cost effective foundation was using some blocks, but that is probably the most time consuming part of the job.  Making sure the foundation is set and level took about two hours. Then drilling all the holes in the barrels for the tubes and drains. 

The barrels are all attached in the back at the top, so the first barrel fills up then they fill up down the line.
Here is the before and after photo of the side of the house.  I did not want to drill into the house to hold the tube, so I am using more pipes hammered into ground to hold up the pipe.  I sawed off some T fittings so the pipe sits level from the downspout to the barrels.  It also allows for easy adjustments if it's necessary.  I am pretty happy how it turned out and cannot wait until we get some rain...
Have the rain gear handy! Today we will start out with a little sun, but increasing clouds will bring some scattered showers and storms for the afternoon and evening. More on and off showers and storms likely for your Wednesday. The Storm Prediction Center has Ohio in the Marginal Risk for severe storms tomorrow. High temps stay in the lower 80s due to the rain limiting our warming. Once the rain leaves early Thursday then we crank up the heat. Highs in the upper 80s on Thursday and then 90s for Friday and the weekend with plenty of sun and humidity. We may see a few pop-ups by Sunday and Monday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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