Monday, June 18, 2018

Mohican Trail Marathon, Summer's new bedroom, & heating up

Took my runs last week pretty easy to rest up before the Mohican Marathon, but Summer and I did get out for some time together.
The flowers in our backyard are looking fantastic this week.  It's amazing seeing things come to life.
We had a great week with our three year old, but this weekend was going to be a big weekend for Summer.
Summer helped me clear out the guest room and we moved the guest bed into the basement and the guest room downstairs.  We will come back to this in a minute...
Back in January I talked with my brother and we decided to run the Mohican Trail Marathon.  The 100 mile run starts at 5AM and the 50 mile run starts at 6AM.  Our marathon started at Noon on Saturday and MAN it was hot!  Carl, the president of the Columbus Westside Running Club, decided to join in on the fun and signed up too.  We are all smiles picking up our race packets before the start.
Still mostly smiles at the first aid station about 5 miles into the run.  Ice in the hat and ice down my back REALLY helped keep my core temperature low considering it was so hot.
Still smiles on the trails.  
We ran into Kathie!  A few weeks ago Carl and I had our final long training run for the race and she showed us the course.  She was doing the 100 mile run and it was nice running into her.
The views were fantastic for the course.
Annnnd.... Done!  It took just a little more than six and a half hours, but we finished!   The fourth guy is Jason.  He was running around our pace and he joined our group.  It was SO helpful running with others.  Something I ate at the 14 mile aid station did not agree with my stomach so I had to power hike more than run for a little while, but then I regained my composure and we kept going.  Same goes for Clark and Carl.  We all had small issues and we all worked together for motivation and powered through as a group.
I was glad to get to share this experience with my brother because he is getting married soon and I am sure his life will get a lot busier.  My shower, Saturday night, was amazing!
Sunday was focused on Summer's "big girl" room.  We got breakfast in the morning and then I had her bed together by Noon... but that was just beginning.  By the way... using a power tool, or drill, makes assembling things SO much faster than doing it by hand.
We then decorated and I made a small book shelf to store toys and books. 
One of her favorite things in the room: the cloud lights. I mounted them just high enough to light up the room and she could reach the switch. Considering we completely re-did the room for her, we really did not spend too much money.  The bed from Ikea was the most expensive thing and even that was pretty reasonable.  Her first nap and night went very well.  She is getting so big and it kinda breaks my heart... But I am excited for her.
Get ready for the heat today! 
National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory for all of Central Ohio today, until 8PM. This means the heat index will be near or just above 100!
There is also an Air Quality Alert today meaning that air quality may be unhealthy for sensitive groups. This will be caused by high levels of ozone due to our weather and also some extra particulate matter from wildfires. If possible, try to carpool and avoid fueling or mowing during the afternoon. We will see plenty of sun today with just a slim chance for some pop-up isolated storms.

More clouds for Tuesday with scattered showers and storms with a 70% chance of rain. Central Ohio is in the Marginal Risk for severe storms Tuesday. We will keep that chance of rain around for Wednesday. With the clouds and rain our temperatures will be a little cooler for the coming days.

Most of the rain will take a break on Thursday with highs in the lower 80s. We see more scattered showers and storms returning late Friday and Saturday as a Low Pressure system passes by over the Ohio Valley. Try to stay cool today because some milder weather is on the way. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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