Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer gardening, Arts Fest, Summer's birthday, & heat staying

Last year Summer was 2 and she couldn't tell the difference between the weeds and vegetables in the garden. She would see me pulling weeds and would try pulling the onions. Since she is learning so much more I decided to get her busy in the garden this year. She helped plant nearly everything, including the peas. She has always loved the sugar snap peas, so when we were weeding last week it made me so happy to see her walk over and pull some of the peas to eat them.  Gotta love having an organic garden.
This past weekend was the Columbus Arts Festival so the Good Day Columbus team took the first shift at our station's booth and we had a blast meeting so many people.  Not to mention seeing all of amazing art.
I brought Summer and she hung out in her chair and the Columbus Police deputized her for the day. 
How about that mug!  We briefly went down to the Bicentennial Park fountains, but ran back to our tent to ride out a storm.  Then back to the house to get ready for Summer's birthday party on Saturday.
I had a great run Saturday morning for my final long run before the Mohican Marathon next week. This week will be shorter runs to stay lose and get ready for the long haul.  I hurried home to help get the final touches together for Summer's 3rd birthday party. 
It was very warm and humid, but the breeze was a GREAT break from melting.  We also set up a pool for the kids and it was a huge hit.
Leave it to the grandparents to spoil the grandkids.  Summer got a Disney castle and a collection of Disney figurines and she spent all of her birthday, Sunday, playing with the castle and characters.
We had just enough cake left over from the party to celebrate again on Sunday. 
Dawn's brother bought Summer her first bike and helmet.  We spent part of the afternoon trying to learn to ride a bike.  Overall... I think it was a GREAT first day.  She doesn't quite get pushing on the pedals, but I am optimistic she will pick up on it more as we do short lessons each day this week.   She is VERY excited because there is a back seat designed for her to seat belt in her doll to bring along.  
Grab the rain gear! We are tracking some steady rain for Northern and Northeastern Ohio this morning and some isolated showers and storms south of Columbus. Rain is more likely than not today, so you will likely need the rain gear a time or two. We stay warm and muggy most of the extended forecast. More scattered showers and storms on and off today with severe risk very low. A few spotty showers possible overnight while staying warm and humid. Tomorrow we warm up more and more scattered showers and storms. A brief visit from high pressure on Wednesday and early Thursday will mean a much lower chance of any rain. Looking ahead to the end of the week and weekend, there is still some uncertainty. A couple forecast models are going cooler, with highs in the upper 70s and humidity a little lower. Another outlook is going hot and humid with some pop-up showers and storms. Stay tuned over the upcoming days, but for now we are going to go with warm, mid 80s, and a slight chance for some isolated showers and storms Friday and the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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