Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Quick trip to Baltimore, Philly, & York for a wedding

How do you like Summer's Rocky pose?  More on that shortly... 
My cousin was getting married about an hour north of Baltimore over the weekend, so Thursday I flew in to Baltimore and rode with my aunt up to the rehearsal dinner.  We stopped first to check out the Baltimore Basilica.
The inside is amazingly restored.  Quite a lot of history as well.
We arrived at the family crab restaurant for all the fun, right on time.  Summer rode up in a car with my parents the day before, so I met them there.  Summer had lots of fun with all her cousins.
Summer even won two rubber ducks from the vending machine... Well... she sweet-talked my aunt to win her a couple.  Fun times hanging with family and my grandfather.

Friday was a free day for some of us.  My sister few in from Florida Thursday as well.  We all stayed at my brother's house in York, PA, but he had to work. I convinced the free group to load into the car and head two hours over to Philly since they had never been there. 
Here is Summer again, doing the Rocky pose in front of the Philly Museum of Art.
Had to get a pic of the Rocky statue.  
We were pressed for time, so we snapped a group shot from out on the sidewalk, instead of waiting in the line.
I then took the group over to the historic district where we got to see the Liberty Bell.  The line to get inside the building had to be about 3 hours long and parking is $7 for every 30 minutes. 
We also checked out Independence Hall.  You have to register for the limited release of tickets to get inside the main hall, but we did go into the West Wing to check out some of the original paperwork signed!
Another short jog down to South Street for Jim's.
YES! So delicious! Summer was not interested, so I found a market with a kitchen and had them whip up a quesadilla and she smashed that... along with some fruit.
Friday night was pretty chill.  Wish Marcus was there, but I photo-shopped in a picture of him on the wall.  He will be back in a couple months from Bulgaria.
Clark and I woke up early to go run a local 5k to help the local Habitat for Humanity.  We both got first place in our age groups!  Pretty hilly run.
Off to the wedding!  Summer and I danced the night away and were very excited to see mom when we got home, but she stayed back home for a family reunion on her side of the family. Yesterday was a busy day at our house with something I had been wanting to do for a LONG time... more on that in a blog in a few minutes... 

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