Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fun night, moped headache, and storms coming

I got to see two of my favorite people last night.  Molly and Billy were in town to celebrate her birthday.  Always great to see some of the great peeps from my Dayton station.  Can't wait for their wedding in October.
That delayed me getting to the garage early... oh well.  Anyway, so I wanted to swap my points for an HPI unit on my Puch Maxi, Polini, 20 PHBG, Superclutch, and the first-ever MLM pipe setup.  I want the curve to run cooler.  I also am done with the points floating when I reach 9,000 RPM.  That... and I want the curve to ride the wave of power.  The problem was the inner rotor had the wrong taper.  The problem was that I rode on the bike I was doing the work on and I needed to get home.  So I had to take the rotor off my Magnum to compare and they were very different. 
But... I was able to get the bike together and I timed it too advanced.  I was getting crazy hot temperatures so I will need to back off the timing before I can really open it up... safely.
Storms expected for Monday and Tuesday.  Strong winds are main threat and hail possible or even the threat of a tornado in supercell storms that turn into right-turners.  It will be important to keep a close eye on the radar tomorrow for all of Central Ohio.
More storms for Southeastern Ohio on Tuesday.  Then a few lingering showers in the middle of the week as we see temps take a dip, but then we warm back up by next weekend... and more storms by next Sunday.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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