Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another packed week... lightning, World Cup, kayaking, mopeding...

Sad news from the storm that hit just outside of the Columbus Crew Stadium last weekend.  I did a story Monday about lightning 101 after the Columbus firefighter was hospitalized after being struck by lightning.  You could see the black divots in the asphalt Monday where the lightning hit.
Tuesday was a scorcher!  I did a quick story on 100 fans being given away to those that need them and then I was downtown at Columbus Commons for the World Cup viewing party with USA making it to the Round of 16.  Some of my Instagram peeps found me and we got a picture.  We were LIVE on TV when USA scored.  So awesome, but sad that USA didn't advance.
Wednesday I had the day off and went kayaking with my brother on the Big Walnut.
Thursday I organized a moped ride to see Red, White, and Boom.  We had a decent turnout. 
And we also found a GREAT spot to see the show.
Buckeye and Dawn went home to visit Dawn's mother for her birthday.  Buckeye was loving the time in the yard.  Can't wait until we have a yard again for him to enjoy.
I was tinkering on my HPI units today for my moped and trying to get these pins out of the connector.  I had one of my coworkers give me a hand and he showed me the trick without doing any damage.
As far as the weather... Sunday will be GREAT for Ohio.  Partly cloudy, warm, and a VERY slight chance for an isolated shower.  The image above is for Monday with some scattered storms expected and the same for Tuesday.  Some of the storms may be strong.  Then we stay mild for the second half of the week and drier. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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