Saturday, March 29, 2014

The snow has come and gone... same for the moped.

I had a lot of fun with this bike.  It came to me in pieces and after a lot of headache the last week... I found out the pipe was clogged... so I threw on a header and BAM!  Torque monster!  
Here she is just before leaving the garage.  All purdy and such.  Very productive last few days at the garage for sure.  Feels good selling a bike and getting more room in the garage. 
Already started work on the next one.  The green one will be stock with a Boss pipe.  Simple and fun.  Rewired it today and all I gotta do is mount the motor and then tune and then sell it!  (Saving my money up for a Puch Monza)
It got a little chilly at the garage today and the rain just made the air damp and not a great day to work on the bikes when it is only about 35° outside.  Well we have fallen below freezing and the roads are icing up and lots of accidents... so careful, especially on the bridges.
The good news is that the sunshine returns tomorrow.  And with that... warmer temps.  Actually this workweek will be the longest stretch of 60° weather we have had in almost 6 months.  So enjoy it!  We will be dry Monday, but a few hit or miss very light rain showers are possible Tuesday.  Then we get wet late Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with the chance of thunderstorms later in the week.  It was kinda nice hearing some thunder the other night.  I enjoy a nice thunderstorm, but would prefer them to stay below severe criteria.  Anyway, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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