Friday, March 7, 2014

Enjoying OUR day off... Snow next week?

I start off with a sad note... I sold my truck yesterday morning.  I bought it back when I started dating my wife, so it was pretty sad to see it go, but on to a future down the road.  
On a much happier note... BOY it has been beautiful the last two days.  I know Buckeye was loving the sun on the patio this morning.
I also broke out my moped yesterday and rode it for a quick lunch at Buckeye Donuts.  They have the BEST gyros around.  I particularly love the Philly gyro.
It was also the first time in over six months that Dawn and I had the same day off.  I always work weekends and she always works during the week.  But her boss was out of town so we had a day off together.  We went to the driving range with a couple of friends.
Then we went up to Mad River Mountain to go snow tubing.
And let's just say... it was a blast.  (Notice Dawn in the back looking backward... she didn't like looking down the hill)  Then we finished off the night with a hockey game and then a quick outing to Wings and Rings.  Fantastic, jam-packed day.  I wish we had more time off together, but we make the best of what we do have.

Speaking of the weather... the weekend will be "mild" for Ohio.  There is a weak cold front that may trigger a shower Saturday... basically a few sprinkles or flurries, but nothing too heavy.  Sunday will give way to more sunshine with highs in the 40's each day.  We bounce right back into the 50's for Monday and Tuesday (which means I will be building and selling a moped for a customer) then things get interesting next Wednesday.
A strong cold front will plow through the area and drop our temperatures.  The models are hinting at the potential of snow on the back side of the system.  Personally... I am not biting the bullet just yet with significant snow.  We just saw what happened last week.  With temperatures in the 50's the days before, It will be a little harder to cool off the lower part of the atmosphere as fast as what the models are showing.  I think we could have some light snow, but a "significant" snow is not as likely at this point.  I will keep you posted, but c'mon Mother Nature... we are done.  Let's move on to Spring!!! 

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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