Saturday, March 1, 2014

Newest models holding steady on snow...

So the Winter Storm Warnings are in effect until Monday morning.  Winter Weather Advisories for the far north... and not surprising.
As I mentioned in my last blog entry, the storm has shifted south.  So according to how the models have started to agree... I am pretty confident in these snowfall totals in the map above.  I know for some, this is a BIG reduction from what you may have seen or heard about, but I think this is pretty solid, UNLESS the storm shifts more north, but none of the models are showing that. 

So timing... The wintry mix moves in overnight tonight and our temperatures will continue to fall all the way until Monday morning.  The wintry mix will mainly stay south of I-70, and north of I-70 can expect to stay mainly snow.  The heaviest snow will be Sunday afternoon and evening with most of the accumulating snow done by midnight Sunday night.

With the entire storm shifted about fifty miles to the south, the snowfall totals have been adjusted to that.  Northern Ohio can expect between 2-5" of snow by Monday morning.  Central Ohio(areas within about 40 miles of I-70) can expect 4-7" of snow by Monday morning.  Southern Ohio will see freezing rain and sleet and then 5-8+" of snow on top of that by Monday morning. 

Monday a few lingering light snow showers will not accumulate to much, but winds will be very strong out of the north causing blowing and drifting snow on East-West roads. 

Tuesday will be very cold with lows around zero or just below.  A slow and steady warm-up heading through the week, but a few weak clipper systems could bring a dusting both for Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

Any changes, I will let you know with a new post.  Just wanted to keep you informed!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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