Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tornado machine & snow/ice storm update

First off I have to show you the Tornado Machine I made today.  Pretty sweet.  I cost a little more than expected.  It will be around $90 once I get it painted, but I will be able to use it for my school talks a lot!
So forecast is staying pretty solid for Tuesday.  The icing line will still likely run from Cincinnati to Columbus to Pittsburgh area... there have been some minor adjustments, but nothing night and day.
Here is the latest RPM model output for the freezing rain.  (This was not available yesterday, but look how it compares to the forecast I made yesterday, below)
Quiet night for Columbus with temperatures falling below freezing causing some icy spots.  Southern Ohio will see accumulating snow.  Expecting generally 2-4" by midday Monday with higher totals closer to the Ohio River.

We stay dry Monday and during the day Tuesday.  Rain/Ice/Snow storm arrives Tuesday evening and will continue into early Wednesday.  Right now the ice line appears to run from Cincinnati to Columbus to Pittsburgh, PA.  There will be a sharp cut-off from significant snow to significant ice(freezing rain) and then over to rain showers.  North of the ice line, where it stays all snow, 6-8+" of snow is likely.  Areas that see any freezing rain will see much less snow, followed by up to a few inches of snow as we fall back below freezing early Wednesday.  Areas that see rain will see mostly rain followed by brief icing and minimal snow compared to the rest of the system.  Roads will likely be very treacherous Wednesday morning.  Stay tuned to the forecast as this system is still a fluid situation and some adjustments will be needed.  See ya back tomorrow & have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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