Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rain/snow mix tonight & Sunday

The last few days have been fantastic... warm, sunny... GREAT!!! ... until I was under my truck changing the oil and the wind blew the stream of oil into my face.  Stinking wind...
First order of business at the garage was to get it organized.  I got some shelving and made more room to work on the bikes.  It looks pretty awesome in there now.
Alright... organized... time to start working on my bikes.  I have small projects on three bikes, but I decided to start on the fourth.  I took it to the car wash to clean the frame.
After three hours... I got the wheels on, rebuilt motor on, and some other small details.  I am very excited to finish this bike.  It will be one of my favorite bikes I have built, only to sell once it is finished.  But it looks like my time at the garage will have to wait with the cold weather returning.
A stationary front has parked itself from St. Louis to Cleveland.  It will be VERY slow to move to the south overnight and Sunday.  Rain/snow showers will be triggered along the line, but the models are hinting at some dry air working in along the line for the morning/midday.  By tomorrow evening the line will be along the Ohio River... so VERY slow moving. 

We then stay below freezing for the entire week ahead.  Highs will be in the low 30's for Monday and Tuesday but we will see several punches of cold air.  First front moves through tomorrow with the rain/snow mix.  Another weak front moves through early Tuesday with a dusting of snow possible.  Another front moves through early Thursday, but by then most of the moisture is gone so any snow will be lighter.  So by the time we get to the end of the week the three cold fronts will leave us in the single digits for low temps.  Good thing I took advantage of the mild temps.

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