Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Baahhaack...with cooler weather

Batteries recharged and back to business. Checking back in for the first time in about ten days and boy did I need that time to relax and rest. I will do a little recap for my vacation/anniversary trip before getting to the GREAT weather on the way.
Dawn found this great place just north of Daytona, Florida in Ormond-By-The-Sea. It was a condo that a lady rented out and it was at a very reasonable price considering we have essentially a full home with washer/dryer and a full kitchen. Our view from the balcony overlooked A1A to the red sands for which Daytona is known. We watched the sunrise the first morning then took advantage of no alarms for the rest of the trip.
One of my favorite parts of the trip was going on an airboat ride. No better place to do that than Mullet Lake Park, haha. We saw ten alligators, four bald eagles, and many other creatures you just can't see in the wild without the help of an airboat. Tons of fun and our tour guide, Captain Joshua, was fantastic and even went a little longer than the 90 minutes we signed up for. We also did get to see a couple dolphins back at the ocean and it was a very fun trip to just relax and recharge. We did go down to the Daytona boardwalk, rode the ferris wheel, I ran down an umbrella half a mile that some lady with a baby lost due to strong winds on the beach, and I even got a little sunburned.
As I mentioned, we went down to relax, but also to celebrate our first year anniversary. We waited until we came back to eat the top of the wedding cake and celebrate with her parents. Surprisingly the cake was not THAT bad for being frozen a year. I had a few bites, but stopped myself before eating too much just in case something went bad over the year.
We were greeted back to Ohio with welcome arms and a traffic jam trying to get back to Dayton yesterday. It took a little over an hour and a half to move 9 miles. We watched the fuel gauge very closely because we were planning on getting gas just shortly pass the accident. We luckily made it through and were about to run on fumes as we pulled into the gas station. But we made it home safe and find one of the tires on my truck flat... so I am currently on less than two hours of sleep...WELCOME BACK TO THE MORNING SHOW SHIFT!!!

I wish I could say I went somewhere with cooler temps and I brought them with me, but the weather for Florida was just like Ohio... 90's, hot and humid. Temps this morning are in the lower 60's and the humidity continues to fall. Plenty of sunshine with highs in the mid-low 80's the next few days for the Ohio Valley followed by wetter weather for the mid-late workweek. Our highs behind the cold front later this week will drop into the upper 70's. I am looking forward to another cool-down coming, but we will have to see how long it will last...after all, we are in the middle of the dog days of summer. Happy to be back! Enjoy the cooler temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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