Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Early (Hot) Friday!!!

Tried something new today. Brewed a HUGE cup of iced tea for my jump start of caffeine. Seems to be working...getting all my work done and this blog out ahead of schedule. I also split my lip further. It was a small cut earlier this week in the corner of my mouth and what a pain! Oh well... Quite a jam packed morning show coming up and pretty excited about it. Still have that big news on the way... today's hint: Buck. I will reveal the big news next week.

I bumped up the high temps for the next few days. Calling for 90 today, 91 tomorrow, and 90 for Sunday. Staying dry until Sunday night into Monday with scattered showers and storms returning. That will cool us back into the low-mid 80's next week for highs and overnight lows for the entire next week in the mid-lower 60's, so a little warmer than lately. It will be quite a warm night for Friday night football. The first week of high school football will be partly cloudy, light winds, and start off with temps near 86 and then by the end of the game in the mid 70's... so no blankets needed, yet. Stay cool this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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