Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hair cut and storms coming

I have never done a before and after of getting my haircut and since my hair is the longest it has been in five years I thought I better get a photo before I get it hacked off. I let it grow out over vacation and when I got back it was clear that I needed it chopped because it was so hard to make it "look good" for television. Additionally my barber, Baron, had been harping me to get in and get it cut...since I had caught my tweet about noticing my gray hair more with it longer.

Yesterday was great. I mowed the grass and wish I had an excuse to need to be outside all day, but I dealt with a lot of indoor issues yesterday after the grass.  I ran out of gas near the end and I threw in a little of my premix moped gasoline with Amsoil Saber in it and the mower never purred so well.  I only had a little so I rushed to get the high green spots and just said forget it to the low brown areas. Today is going to get hot with a high near 90 and a slight chance to see an isolated shower today ahead of the real moisture moving in tomorrow. Tomorrow we will likely see strong to severe storms later in the day. I will break down the timing and our threats in more detail in tomorrow's blog, but right now it is looking like damaging winds and hail. We could easily see at least an inch of rain between Thursday and Friday, then the rain pulls out of here in time for the weekend. The cold front will cool us off into the lower 80's tomorrow and then mid-upper 70's for Friday and the weekend. Temps climb back into the 80's next week with rain holding off until the middle of the week. So make sure to check back in tomorrow for an update on the severe weather rolling into the Ohio Valley. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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