Monday, January 28, 2019

Dangerously cold temps on the way...

Who is excited for the coming bitter cold?  More on that shortly...
I had a 3 day weekend with LOTS of errands done Friday, morning run with Columbus Westside Running Club, and deep cleaning Sunday. I had planned on running farther Saturday, but the trails were very icy so we all limited the group run to 5 miles. 
Lots of coffee needed this weekend.  We had guests Friday night, who became ill and headed home Saturday before they became more ill.  So Dawn and I deep cleaned.  Evan is about to start crawling so we wanted to really clean well.  We flipped the couches and moved lots of stuff to make the house less cluttered.  Not a fun task, but it is so nice when it is all done.
So yea, it is about to get VERY cold for Wednesday and Thursday. 
We have a crazy week of weather ahead... Today we will be breezy with building clouds and mild temps with highs in the lower 40s. Rain showers will start developing in the late afternoon and likely this evening. Cold air races in on the back side of the rain and we transition to snow by midnight, depending on location. Snow accumulations will generally be less than 1", but wet surfaces will turn to ice by Tuesday morning. Staying breezy Tuesday with some light snow showers and temps near 20 most of the day. Frigid air moves in for Wednesday and Thursday. A WIND CHILL WATCH has been issued for Wednesday and Thursday with wind chills between -25 and -35 possible with the coldest wind chills as cold as -40 possible. Expect this to be upgraded to a Wind Chill Warning as we get closer to the middle of the week. As far as the air temperatures, without factoring in the wind, we will have a morning low Wednesday around -3 with a high of 3 then down to -6 by Thursday morning with a high of 10. So dangerous cold, for the middle of the week, with frostbite possible between 10-15 minutes. A quick clipper system Friday could bring some light snow then we warm up more for the weekend. Highs in the mid 30s Saturday and looking dry most of the day then rain returns Sunday with highs in the mid 40s.
We may actually get into the 50s early next week!!! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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