Monday, February 4, 2019

Crazy Ohio weather!

Yes, I went running in crazy cold temperatures, but I took all the necessary precautions.  I bundled up in layers and I told my wife that if I was not back in 30 minutes to check our neighborhood streets.  I made it back safely and the biggest issue was the frost freezing up in the breathing holes in my face mask.
Then we warmed up enough that Friday's snow was "sticky" on Saturday to make a snowman.  Summer named it Jordan.  I did not measure it, but it was at least 10 feet tall based on me standing next to it.  Summer loved it!
Then we jump to yesterday... we got to 57 degrees!  It was FANTASTIC out! 
I noticed that I have photos of Summer and Evan on my shoulders from the weekend.  This was from our Sunday morning trip to COSI. 
Summer had a fun time showing Dawn all the cool things at COSI.  I am glad we got to go and let Summer burn off some energy. 
Dawn and I were lucky enough to go see Hamilton last week.  I got lucky in a drawing and my name was pulled for tickets.  We had a fun date night and grandma came to bake cookies with the kids. 
Grab the rain gear! A dry start to your Monday with some patchy fog and sun early with cool temps. Increasing afternoon clouds with mild temps and highs in the mid 50s. Rain showers will arrive in the afternoon and will stick around for the evening. Cooler air will work in tonight following the rain and tomorrow we will see temps near 40 most of the day with a mix of sun & clouds. More rain likely Wednesday and Thursday and heavy at times. Rain totals for the two days could exceed a couple of inches so flooding is possible later this week. Especially with ice on some of the rivers potentially leading to ice dams. Stay aware if you live or travel near our area rivers. Friday we turn colder and we will transition to some wintry mix showers early Friday. Slick spots possible Friday and we stay cold heading into next weekend. Right now it looks like some sun & clouds Saturday then a wintry mix possible Sunday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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