Monday, February 11, 2019

Doc: No running. Me: WHAT! Snow to rain to snow repeat coming

This will be one of my final runs for a while. It was in the rain, but I love running in the rain.  I have been running through some foot pain for a while.  I went trail running last May and landed on the front ball of my foot a couple times on some rocks.  I had on some cheap trail shoes and I regret that.  Better trail shoes have a ballistic rock shield in the sole of the shoe to protect from sharp blows to the foot.  Well... My foot became inflamed.  I saw my normal doctor and chiropractor.  Their advice worked temporarily, but was not fixing my issue so Friday I went to a podiatrist. 
So my foot was inflamed and swollen between the metatarsals and phalanges and normal walking and dress shoes all morning long did not allow the front ball of my foot the rest needed to recover.  So I have to lay off running a couple weeks and wear this thick felt pad under the arch of my foot to let the ball of my foot float and take the pressure off.  So far it has worked wonders and only had shooting pain once when I was barefoot. 
So now I am on the indoor bike stand and taking the time to pump some iron while I am at it.  So I am sore in new places and I think a couple weeks off will be good for me to love running in a new way.  
I had a fun time with Summer this weekend at the Hot Mikey's Takeover launch party on Saturday.  She had cheese pizza.
I had the kids all to myself Saturday night while Dawn was out with her mom and aunt.  I had to get Evan's 5 month photo and for some reason put the blocks on 36 months for Summer... When in reality, she is actually 44 months old.  My wife was like: uhhhhh why does it say 36 months?  I barely got any sleep the night before because we think Evan will be cutting teeth soon.  Oh well... The kids both looked at the camera for a photo... WIN!
Flood Watch for Central and Southern Ohio thru midday Tuesday with 1"-2" of rain likely and flooding possible.
The accumulating snow is done, but an early morning wintry mix possible followed by rain showers moving in from the south. The rain today will start in the south and slowly move north through the day and be widespread by this evening and stay widespread overnight into early Tuesday. Heavy rain is possible as well with 1"-2" expected so flooding in spots. The steady rain will become scattered on Tuesday and a cold front will pass later in the day and we transition over to pockets of wintry mix and light snow late Tuesday into early Wednesday. So a few light snow showers and flurries on Wednesday. Breaking things down a little more for the next few days: As far as temps... this morning we are starting out near freezing so the snow is packed into ice on the side streets and main roads, with salt, are in decent, wet status. As temps warm later today, and rain moves in, we will see the main road stay wet and side streets become slushy as the snow melts and eventually clears as more rain moves in. We will warm to 40 for the high today. Rain becomes steady tonight with a low of 37. The warm air pushes in more Tuesday with highs in the lower 50s with the scattered rain. We will fall into the upper 20s by Wednesday morning with the light snow and flurries then a high of 36. Our winds will pick up slowly Monday and Tuesday with brisk winds likely late Tuesday into early Wednesday. Thursday is our quietest day of the week with mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 40s. However, rain does look to sneak in here late Thursday and more rain likely Friday highs in the lower 50s. Sound familiar? Guess what is next. You guessed it! We turn colder, following the rain, and some light snow and flurries possible Saturday with highs in the mid 30s followed by a mostly cloudy and chilly Sunday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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