Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas wrap-up... rain on the way for us...

We had a pretty good Christmas at the Michael House. We were all blessed with good health and safe travels.  We started off by sprinkling Magical Reindeer food on the front lawn so Santa did not miss our house. 
The mild temps last week were nice enough to take Summer on a run with me along with Evan.  Evan slept and Summer said she wanted to run too, so I let her run until she got tired.
I had to work part of the weekend and I got to see Santa!  Dawn and the kids were visiting her family to the north.
The went to Chandler Commons.  If you have never been there, you should check it out if you are ever up near Cleveland.  Just a short jump off of I-71.  
During the Sunday morning show I had a lot of coffee.  Normally I run while the kids take a nap and Dawn is working.  Which limits my time to run.  I was home alone, so I figured I had enough energy to do a handful of mile.  Then I started running and thought I had 10 miles in me... then I wanted to keep going so I pushed it to 13.1 miles. 
Nothing like a Christmas Eve Eve Half Marathon through a shipping yard/industrial district to ring in the holidays. I made up for it by indulging on extra cookies.  I did meet up with the family after the morning show on Christmas Eve.

Summer's excitement made my heart sing.
It was a good Christmas for everyone. Grandparents are helping out with zoo membership and other fun "experience" gifts.  Which is great because the memories will last forever. (Along with all the photos) 
Dawn got me this sweet medal rack for all my races.  I will probably add a few more to that this year.
Thankfully not nearly as foggy as it was on Wednesday morning! Thanks to a breeze out of the southeast it is keeping our visibilities great for your Thursday morning commute. It is chilly this morning with temps in the lower 30s and a few passing clouds. More clouds as we go through the day today with winds picking up as well. We will warm into the lower 50s by the afternoon and becoming overcast with rain showers arriving for the late afternoon. The steadiest and heaviest rain will be this evening and tonight. Winds will also stay brisk overnight, 15-25+ mph, out of the south. We will stay warm overnight with low temps in the upper 40s and a high of 60 for Friday before the cold front moves through and brings in cooler air for the weekend. Rain showers for the first half of Friday with brisk winds. Saturday and Sunday will be chilly with highs in the lower 40s and mostly cloudy skies. We may see a flurry on Saturday, but most of us will likely be dry all weekend. Another system is looking more promising for rain for Monday. This would be our final chance to give a run at the #1 wettest year recorded for Columbus. We are currently in the #2 spot with 1.06" needed to reach the #1 wettest year. With the push of warmer air I am bumping up the temps a little bit for Monday and that is the only adjustment to the extended forecast. Wintry mix possible Tuesday, New Year's Day, as colder air races back, but high pressure by the middle of the week with more sun. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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