Monday, December 10, 2018

Meeting Santa, dentist office laughs, and the neighborhood nut...

It was time for our annual trip to see Santa last week.  Even and I matched with our flannel while Dawn and Summer had matching outfits as well.   We were not allowed to take photos of Santa with our phones and I have not received the email of the photos yet... sooo... Here is one of the whole family in front of the Christmas tree. No one freaked out with Santa, but Summer was a little shy and Santa did most of the talking between the two of them.
Summer and Dawn also had an appointment at the dentist last week.  So Evan and I hung out in the lobby looking up funny dentist jokes.  We found some good ones!
I have been continuing the Runner's World Run Streak and today will be day 19. Almost halfway to the end! I am the crazy guy in the neighborhood that doesn't let the rain, snow, or cold stop me from getting in a quick run... Although... I feel very crummy, but I am hoping that a quick run around the neighborhood may help break up some of the crud I am dealing with. It normally helps...
More dry weather to start the week with chilly temps... for now. Today we will see a lot of sun with a few clouds and highs in the mid 30s with light winds. Tonight we will fall back into the lower 20s with mostly clear skies. High pressure rolls on for Tuesday with a lot of sun and a few PM clouds and highs in the upper 30s and a light breeze out of the southwest. Increasing clouds Wednesday with highs in the lower 40s and a light rain/mix shower or two possible late. More rain/snow possible on Thursday, but it looks light and scattered with highs in the low-mid 40s. Rain is looking likely for Friday. Highs will be in the upper 40s with on and off rain. A little rain will linger into the start of the weekend and temps staying mild. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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