Monday, December 17, 2018

Stroller running, gnome painting, wintry mix coming?

The mild temps last week have been great to get outside of the house some and spend some time with the kids in the stroller.  I took them for a run last week and Evan fell asleep almost instantly.  Glad he likes riding in the stroller. Summer always loved/loves it too.  She gets to see the neighborhood.  When I finished she turned back to me and said, "Good run dad!" Melt my heart!
Last week we painted gnomes for a Susan G Komen fundraiser.  I finished mine in the hour of the morning show and the rest of the crew took the rest of the day.  We are showing them off on the morning show today.
I spent Friday and Saturday getting things ready for Christmas.  Browns won!  Then Sunday I did the final craft show of the season for Balm By Buck. The biggest thing for the new venture is getting word out about the hobby.  I have had a great response so far and hope that 2019 does just as well.  My goal is to use it as a way to raise money for the kids college tuition. Maybe they can take it over one day.
A few dry days ahead with chilly temps. Today we have some patchy early fog then a mix of sun & clouds for the afternoon. Skies will clear out more through the day and night. Highs today in the lower 40s and overnight low temps will fall into the mid 20s by Tuesday morning, so frost likely. Lots of sun Tuesday with highs barely reaching 40. A little warmer Wednesday, mid-upper 40s, with increasing clouds. Scattered rain showers for Thursday with highs in the lower 50s. More rain likely Friday and colder air will be working in so we will see the rain transition to a wintry mix by late Friday and early Saturday. Colder next weekend with highs in the upper 30s. Mostly cloudy Saturday with the early wintry mix then a brief ridge of high pressure will bring more sun Sunday. Forecast models are not in agreement with Christmas Eve weather. At times they show dry conditions then new forecast models show wintry mix or snow then back to dry conditions. Chances of a White Christmas, 1" of snow at daybreak, are low, but we may see a little wintry precipitation beforehand. Stay tuned and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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