Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Running peak week, time with Summer, Alberto heading our way

Man it has been hot!  And humid!  Heavy sweating for my run last week, but getting hot runs in, to prepare for the Noon start of the Marry Mo, Mohican Marathon.
Trying to go down the stairs at 1 AM last week was very difficult. Shins and foot were definitely sore. Decided to go with some cross training and spent the time on two wheels instead of pounding my two legs. Quads were definitely burning pulling Summer against the wind. 
No, this isn’t a tunnel under a road, but a tunnel at a playground. Summer loves this park and it was about 13 miles into the ride. We stopped for a little bit to use the restroom and run thru tunnels before grabbing Chipotle for lunch. Definitely happy with that decision. I think Summer was happy too.
Thursday I took her to the Columbus Clippers midday game and we had a blast at the water park and watching the game.
Fun day with my friend Carl Friday. He borrowed this sweet Sprinter. I ended up sleeping on a hammock hitch attachment.
Made pasta dinner on an open fire.
Which was PIPING hot!
The farm that we were staying at had a natural spring.  Drinking water from a natural spring just topped off the day with the hammock for the night.
Saturday was a great day! It was my first time meeting Kathie. She saw a post of me running the Columbus Marathon a while ago and said high and I knew she was a serious running and was planning on running the Mohican 100 mile race in 3 weeks.  She offered to be a trail guide for the full loop for the Mohican marathon, that Carl and I are running in 3 weeks.
These waterfalls were about 9-10 miles into the run (I think) and were AMAZING! Jumping under the cool water and soaking my hat in the cold water was amazing!
 Beautiful course and can’t wait to run it again.  The hills were a fun challenge, but definitely need respect!
Huge thanks for her giving us a guided tour and tips for the trail.  We ended up running the entire course and now I taper! Which means running shorter distances to let my body fully recover to tackle that monster again, in 3 weeks.
Sunday, I helped emcee the Asian Festival and had a few extra minutes afterward. So I was able to get a quick shakeout run done around downtown. Sure is a lot hotter on the urban pavement than on the shaded trails.
I would like to tell you that I spent most of Memorial Day relaxing in these hammocks, but the heat was building quickly after work, so we ended up retreating inside for most of the afternoon.
Well... We hit 91 yesterday and we will top our near that again today.  Mix of sun & clouds today with a high of 90 and humidity making it feel like the lower 90s.  There is a slight chance for some pop-up rain, but most of Central Ohio will stay dry today. 
Southern Ohio is already seeing some rain from Alberto! Subtropical Depression Alberto is over Alabama now and will track up through Indiana tomorrow bringing rain for Central Ohio for Wednesday and lingering scattered rain Thursday and Friday.  There is a Marginal Risk for stronger storms on Wednesday as well.  Generally, we are looking at on and off scattered showers with some stronger cells with lightning and thunder.  Drier air moves in for the weekend with highs near 80 for the final two days of The Memorial. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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