Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jazz and Rib Fest, running PR, sleeping Summer, storms return

Friday the morning crew manned the ABC6/FOX28 tent at the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest. We had some FANTASTIC food there as well... but man is it pricey! 
It was very wet while at the Jazz and Rib Fest and we actually picked up about 2.5" of rain on Friday at the house.  We have had dry spells that last about 6 or 7 days then a huge downpour of rain... which isn't great for the garden because it isn't a consistent amount of water/rain. That means some of the tomatoes are getting too much water too fast and splitting.
But they still work great for salsa! I made a decent size batch and LOVE it!
Friday night Summer went to Dawn's parents' house for the weekend so that meant a fun adult weekend.  I signed us up for a guided tour of the new Metro Park, Keep it on the QT. You had to be 18 for the tour.
The waterfall was raging from the recent rains.
We had to wade through some water, but Dawn was a trooper the entire time.
It is so cool to see this land, an abandoned quarry, before it is developed and made into a Metro Park.  Can't wait to see the transformation!
I do most of my running with Summer in the stroller.  That means I have to push her and I have noticed that it is more challenging and when I run.. so without her, now I am much faster.  I shaved off three and a half minutes from my 10k PR time! I am still a little unsure about my goal time for the Columbus Marathon, but I know I want to try to go faster than the Youngstown Marathon.
With Summer gone on Monday I was able to do some gardening and enjoy some coffee... then get all the yard work done. I am working Saturday, so my workweek is bumped back a day.
Yesterday I was LIVE at the Ohio State Fair doing the weather using Augmented Reality. Had a lot of fun and although it was a little stressful doing an entire broadcast using AR, I am glad how it went. This was the first morning newscast in the world to only use AR for the weather. 
Yesterday I had Summer all to myself since Dawn had to do some home appraisals.  She fell asleep during the run and I carefully carried her up to bed when we finished. Quick shower for me and a nap as well! 
So about the previously mentioned yard work... I was trying to edge my sidewalk and it was too much torque on the driveshaft and it snapped... So... I found a used replacement on eBay for $19 shipped. I replaced it yesterday, but the new one had one minor change... a big, but minor difference.  There was a bolt holding the driveshaft into the motor, but the new one did not have the hole or threading, so I had to drill a new hole and thread it for a bolt that I had to match... DONE! Love it!
Scattered showers and storms for today, tonight, and Friday. There is a marginal risk for severe weather, so strong storms are possible, but not likely to be widespread. Sunshine and mild temps are back for the weekend followed by warmer temps next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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