Monday, July 10, 2017

Adult weekend, stormy week ahead

Summer is living it large with my parents.  My mom and dad wanted to spend some time with her so they took her last Thursday to my brother's then back to the family farm.  As spoiled as you could imagine.  Pool time, Disney movies, ice cream, anything the wants... But... very polite.  My sister sent me a video of my mom giving her cucumbers and Summer kept saying "Thanks" for each cucumber.
So Dawn and I hit the town.  Friday we hit up our favorite college bar and met up with a former professor.  Saturday we had breakfast then ran some errands followed by washing the cars then pool time with friends then casino with more friends. So yea... a jam packed Saturday.
Sunday I went running with the Columbus Westside Running Club.
It was a pretty solid 12 mile run. 
Then we went out to meet more friends for the Clippers game.
It was great getting time to spend with just the two of us... but I miss Summer.  Can't wait to pick her up later today.  
Get ready for the heat and humidity to return! Humidity will slowly climb through your Monday with scattered showers and storms as temps climb into the mid 80s. A Slight Risk for severe storms for Monday for the Northern half of Ohio. More scattered showers and storms for Tuesday with temps back in the mid 80s. A very slight chance of rain on Wednesday as temps climb into the low 90s. More rain Thursday which will bring slightly cooler temps for the end of the week and next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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