Thursday, February 2, 2017

Growing Summer, 5k times, Super Bowl Sunday forecast

Summer continues learning and solving puzzles.  She has SO many books at home, but she makes it seem like she doesn't have enough.  Library goes well for 30 minutes then she starts wanting to take all the books off the shelves. I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with her.  With my early morning schedule I get to go home mid morning after my eight hours of work and spend all midday and afternoon with her.  I am looking forward to spring A LOT so we can go to the park or spend ample time in the back yard.  
My marathon training started this week.  I continue getting faster and faster.  The above time is the fastest 5k time since high school.  I could not remember what my best time was in high school. 
Thanks to the internet, I found out... I cannot even imagine running that fast of a 5k right now.  Not that I am training for that, but it is nice to set a benchmark and continue trying to better myself.  That's why I like running.  It is personal challenges and every run you either push yourself to a better time or know that your slow run is only bettering your body for the next long or fast run.  Plus it is 30-60 minutes of mentally checking out or reviewing your past few days. 
Snow and rain taking a break for a few days and high pressure building for Ohio with some sun on the way! Temps will be cold the next few days with highs in the lower 30s and a mix of sun & clouds. Clouds build back by Sunday with early snow transitioning to rain by midday as temps warm. Dry Monday with partly cloudy skies. More rain and warm temps for Tuesday.  For Houston, on Sunday, about a 20% chance of rain and mid 70s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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