Thursday, February 16, 2017

Back issues and MUCH warmer temps on the way

So a week and a half ago I was training for the Youngstown Marathon.  Six miles and they felt great, but then I came home and a few hours later I was bending down to my side to pick up some t-shirts for the washing machine and my back popped out of alignment and I have been in a LOT of pain since.  I have been to the chiropractor and yesterday my lower back FINALLY popped and I only feel half of the pain now.  I have also been hanging upside down on my inversion table to give my spine a break and decompress. So I am on the mend.But on the mend. Working on my lower back stretches and then building my core. I’m mad at myself for not doing more core workouts during December and January. I knew that was my weakest link. Gotta be smarter about getting back to 100% before I hit the pavement. So a couple weeks off in all… I can ease back into things and hopefully I didn’t lose too much ground. All this will make me cherish every pain-free mile I have ahead.
We have some CRAZY warm weather on the way! One more cold day and night ahead then MUCH warmer air arriving for Central Ohio for the weekend and next week.  Mostly cloudy for your Thursday morning with partly cloudy skies at times in the afternoon and chilly with a few flurries and highs in the mid-upper 30s.  Mostly cloudy tonight and below freezing.  Temps starting warming Friday, up to 50 for the high, and partly cloudy.  Temps then stay in the 60s for the weekend and next week.  A slight chance for a spotty rain shower late Saturday night and early Sunday then again during the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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