Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting old... and snow is back.

So I have been working out... more and more... Doing planks, and squats with a medicine ball since I don't have a gym membership.
And running... I ran 6 miles Sunday morning and felt like a million dollars... But then... I was doing some laundry and bent down to my side to pick up some T-shirts to put in the washing machine and BAM!  I pulled my back.
I got an appointment with a chiropractor yesterday since I could barely walk Monday and Tuesday. I had a back injury back in 2009 when I was shooting highlights for the Cincinnati Bengals.  You have to shoot the video on your knees so the TV cameras broadcasting the game can see the game above you.  So the turning on my knees with the camera on my shoulder popped my back out of alignment.  Well... Sunday I was bending down to my side and I did it again.  The x-rays showed that my L5 and L4 vertebrae are locked up and making my back spasm and feel like I have a rod in my back.  I got it popped apart some yesterday, but this will be sidelining me from running for a little while, which is not good since I am training for a marathon.  UGH!  Getting old, I guess.  Luckily the doctor is running the same race as me and knows how much I want to and need to get back to training when I safely can...
A cloudy day today with decreasing clouds. Snow showers arrive this afternoon and will stick around this evening as well before leaving. Accumulations by midnight will generally be around one inch, with a few pockets of higher totals. A few flurries lingering tonight and then some lake effect snow showers in pockets, mainly north, for Thursday. Temps becoming much colder tonight and Thursday. We see a mix of sun and clouds Friday as our temps start warming back up. Mid 50s and near 60 for the weekend with more rain returning, then turning cooler by early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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