Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day for the memory books & heat returning!

Friday I jumped on the bike to follow up to Cleveland for my wife's annual Neighbor Day festivities.  The kids she grew up with on her block always get together for Labor Day weekend for grilling and backyard fun.  I had to come back earlier so I rode separately on the motorcycle and stopped at a truck stop for a conference call.  Oh the places you stop and work...
Summer loves corn as much as me.  She smashed that corn!
We knew someone who knew someone who was going out on a boat to Lake Erie and we got an invite.  Summer wasn't a fan of the life jacket, but she LOVED the wind in her face and spray of the water.  She was ear to ear smiles and screams of joy.
I came back early this morning and my parents helped take down the rest of a fallen tree.  Half had fallen during vacation so my dad got to "play" with his chainsaw that we bought him for Christmas a few years ago.  It only took about thirty-five minutes for us to get it all cut down to size and then my mom made a BIG lunch for all of  us.  Shout-out to my neighbor Mickey and his family for taking the firewood and helping clean up the back yard.  A few trips to the curb and it should all be gone soon!
The high pressure that gave us all the sun over the holiday weekend is finally heading out to follow Hermine to the East Coast.  With high pressure leaving it will allow for more clouds and increased humidity thanks to our winds picking up out of the south for the shortened workweek.  A mix of sun and clouds Tuesday and a very slight chance for a spotty shower with highs near 90 and humidity rising.  Wednesday will be almost the exact same as Tuesday, but more humid.  Warm with some isolated showers and storms are possible Thursday and Friday then a better chance of storms on Saturday with a cold front returning.  That will cool us off for Sunday and Monday and bring back more sunshine. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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