Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Doing some Presidential anti-campaigning... (kinda)

I am not a political person, but yesterday I went completely off the books.  Trump and Clinton are stumping for votes, but I was destumping.  BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!  (dad jokes, right?!?)  I rented a stump grinder and chewed down the stump a few inches below the surface and removed some of the larger roots as well.  I was pretty close to needing the larger grinder... BUT that wasn't going to fit in my CR-V, so I went with the smallest one and took my time.  It was actually pretty fun.  Now I need to get the dirt to settle so I can plant grass seed.  Notice I staked the new tree as well and today will consist of a little cleaning around the house and then laying in the hammock once I am done at work. I told Summer we can take a nap outside if she wants.
The sun and warm temperatures are here to stay! Temperatures for the rest of the workweek will remain more than ten degrees above normal and mostly sunny skies continue through the end of the week. A few more clouds Friday and Saturday with a very slight chance for spotty rain Saturday. Another slight chance of rain Monday and temperatures back into the 70s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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