Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Backyard is springing to life now that fall started

Can you see Summer and me in the photo above?  
Here is a zoomed in version.  I had someone online tell me to stay on the trail in Hocking Hills, but this was actually on the trail.  It was a trail that I often visit because it is not highly advertised and used.  I love this hidden place because it is one of the most peaceful places I know.  I tried giving directions to a co-worker, but it is pretty much impossible to tell them where to turn on certain trails to get here.
So I cut down that pear tree in the backyard that was falling, and the new Red Sunset Maple is starting to show some color!  It had a few yellow leaves initially after transplanting likely from shock, but it is holding its green better now on 90% of the tree.
Another leaf is really showing the red I am hoping for.
I planted grass last Thursday and my boys started sprouting yesterday!  Squirrels used to hide their nuts in the mulch around the old tree and I noticed more holes in the new area so I hung a few aluminum tins on the tree posts and they bang around in the breeze to keep the squirrels away from the new grass so that way they know they need to find a new area to store their nuts.  Silly squirrels!
Have the rain gear ready to go! A big upper level low pressure system will be spinning over the Ohio Valley for the rest of the week and camping out.  This means that it will trigger on and off showers and storms spinning around the area of circulation, so rain for a couple hours at times, then a break, then more rain, then a break, then more rain.  Most of the rain will be showers, but a few rumbles of thunder are possible. Temperatures staying cool as well through the rest of the week. 

Andrew Buck Michael

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