Monday, September 19, 2016

Back from Put In Bay!

Dawn and I are back from a retreat up to Put In Bay this weekend. We went up with another couple and it was a pretty relaxing weekend.  I've been there on some crazy weekends, but this one was not like that.  We had a lot of fun, but MAN it was wet on Saturday.
Here are a couple panoramic photos from the top of the monument.
Here is another view of the opposite side of the island. Our bed and breakfast was right across the street from the water tower.
I went out for a morning run each day and the sunrise was fantastic!  Summer spent the weekend with my parents and they all had so much fun. It's fun seeing my mom and dad adjusting to grandparent life.
A dry week ahead with warm temperatures and LOTS of sun! Some early fog to start your Monday morning, but that will give way to mostly sunny skies for the afternoon as we warm in the low-mid 80s.

Andrew Buck Michael

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