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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tornado Machine 2.0 and MUCH warmer temps coming!

I am in the middle of assembling a new tornado machine.  I already have one that we use for school talks.  Now that it has been used more than 100 times... I have noticed some areas to make it better.  So I was asked to build another one for someone and I am stepping up the game.  The new plexiglass is over twice as thick and less likely to show wear and tear.  This photo was from before I painted it all black.  I need to work on the wiring today and assemble it to get it shipped.  Hope the paint is all dry!
Rain/snow showers on the way for today then switch over to light snow tonight. By Friday morning we are looking at generally 1"-2" of snow for most of Central Ohio. A few flurries Friday and staying chilly. Another brief round of a wintry mix Saturday then warming up heading into next week. We may reach 70 next Wednesday, which would be the first of the year! Have a good one!

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