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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The latest in my Monza search

So I continue my search for my dream bike... the Puch Monza.  I have been looking for the "Barcelona" version, which I just found out is not really a model... Below is an email I just received from a contact in Spain:

Hello Andrew!

I looked that there were a lot of people who like spanish Puch Monza in USA, Tora Tora´s Monza is the guilty hehehe

First, you aren´t looking for a Puch Monza "Barcelona". It doesn´t exist, you are looking for a "Puch Monza L" (like Tora Tora), or a "Puch Monza 2" (the same that Monza L, but more basic.
Monza L
 Monza 2 Spain there are a lot of "dreamers".

For make you a idea, Monza isn´t a rare bike, I have one, in my favorite jukyard there are one new per month. There is only one problem, some people is destroying the market. A "good" Monza can cost 150€, a really really good can cost 200€.

There is only one problem "la documentacion", here in Spain matriculate an old moped cost +- 400€, becose there are cheap mopeds. But Monza is a "grano en el culo", there are parts really hard to find, becose that I left "temporally" mi Monza proyect and start with a Derbi FDX hehehe

If you want, I can help you in all I can.
Sorry for my english.

Good luck!

And so my search in information about the Monza continues....

Andrew Buck Michael

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