Friday, September 30, 2011

Breaking out the Sweater Vest!

Boy, I have had NO time after the morning show to update the my new goal is to update my blog DURING the I got to apologize for the lack of recent updates. I finish the morning show and I get assigned stories to go to straight after the show ends. It has been quite a crazy week on the morning show. We had a chicken mascot in for a cooking segment and we had the chicken try to do the forecast...I had to jump on to help out the feathery friend. We also have had a lot of fun and some AMAZING video this week.

We finally got the new bedroom furniture at home and I have been sleeping much better on the new bed. I am heading to Ann Arbor for a moped rally this week. I will try to snap a few photos while I am up there. Looks like a VERY chilly weekend. I was planning on camping out, but luckily someone has opened up their home for us to sleep in between our moped riding around town.

Coolest weekend of the fall for us, on tap. Yes, the sweater vest made it's seasonal premiere today with a high finally in the 50's. I always wait until we get a high lower than 60 in the fall to finally break it out. Temps will rebound next week with plenty of sunshine. We just have to get done with a dreary day today, and a cool, but sunny weekend... and next week is looking FAAAAAANtastic! Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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