Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moped Mondays...Grab your Jackets

Last night we had Moped Monday at Nick's shop. I am totally jealous of his shop. I thought I had a decent working shop but nothing like his. I have never welded before and would have no idea on how to do it, but Nick was very generous and didn't hesitate to help out. The problem is that the previous owner of the Magnum (as pictured) put on new rear shocks that were over an inch longer than they should be. It looks cool because it really beefs up the back end of the bike, but it also made the drive chain rub into the frame. As a matter of fact it had cut a line right into and through the frame. We took off the surrounding parts that would be affected by the heat and Nick went to work welding the frame and made it look like new after grinding away, welding some more, and back to grinding... Huge thanks for that. I now have to try to sell the like-new shocks that are on there and get the proper size.

It looks like we will see a few spotty showers and maybe a rumble of thunder later today as cold front number one swings through. The time frame looks to be in the later afternoon and early evening. By the time we head into the overnight hours the skies will begin to clear as we see a brief break before more scattered showers and storms return later tomorrow with cold front number two. We do not have a lot of moisture with this so not everyone will be seeing the rain. The good news is that we will really cool things off and we will go from a high of 85 today, to 72 tomorrow, to 63 by Thursday. The weekend still looks GREAT with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 70's. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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