Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two weddings, no sleep, Moped Mondays

With my first weekend off, you would think I would take it easy, nope. I shot high school football highlights Friday night, woke up early Saturday morning and Buckeye and I went up to Cleveland. Dawn was the Matron of Honor for her cousins wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding and a lot of fun. I didn't get to watch the second half of the Ohio State football game, but the first half looked pretty good for the Buckeyes. I just hope the rookies can hold their own until all the upperclassmen get off their suspensions. Sunday we hung out at Dawn's parents house for the morning and watched our wedding video. Some people claimed that I was not on the dance floor very much, but according to the video, I never left. We finished that (and Six Pepper wings from Cleats, AMAZING!) and then went to Columbus for another wedding for my roommate from my freshman year of college. I got home in Dayton around midnight...only to wake up at 2AM for work. Dawn and I ran a few errands yesterday and then took a much needed afternoon nap. The chilly, cloudy weather made it much easier to nap. I then went over to a fellow mopeder's house in Kettering for our Moped Monday. I got the Magnum running, but needed to be tuned better and I did not want to finish tuning it at his place because it was so hilly and I need flat ground and long straight-aways to tune it properly.

The drastic change in temperatures has really made things feel like fall. We hit 98 on Friday and yesterday we only hit 62, so a 36 degree temperature difference for the highs. Dawn made the comment yesterday while we were shopping that it almost felt like we were Christmas shopping seeing everyone bundled up. Temperatures will remain in the 60's for the next few days and with the addition of rain and winds, it will feel down-right raw. We will slowly warm up over the week ahead, but only into the mid-upper 70's for the weekend ahead. The moisture from Tropical Storm Lee will bring us scattered showers for the next few days and unfortunately we could see a little rain over the weekend as well. Stay warm and dry and I will see you back on here soon. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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